Tesla Model 3 Electric Car: Breaking All The Records

Tesla- for close to a hundred years, it’s a name that’s been synonymous with innovation, creativity, and no small amount of intelligence. In 2003, South African born billionaire, Elon Musk took the Tesla name and applied it to a new company: Tesla Motors.

Up until now, Tesla has produced only luxury electric vehicles that come with a hefty price tag attached, however, earlier this month CEO and owner, Elon Musk announced all that is going to change.

The two previous vehicles (the Model S and the Model X) had been priced at around $ 133,034 AUD, even with a number of possible tax incentives applied. This has meant that the Tesla range has been almost exclusively reserved for the wealthier drivers among us. The Model 3 on the other hand is set to cost around $46,562 AUD in an attempt to open their vehicles up to the middle class- a much larger target market, and potentially revolutionise the automotive industry.

The lower price of the Model 3 was expected, but nonetheless managed to excite the tightly packed crowd at the launch. Further adding to the sense of enthusiasm coming from the assembly was the announcement that Model 3 would feature their autopilot capabilities as standard, which, up until that point had been thought to be a costly add-on, considering the lower price tag.

The Autopilot features allow Tesla Vehicles to move without the input of a driver, rendering it capable of changing lanes and altering its speed with the help of a network of external sensors.

The Model 3 is expected to be able to drive at least 346 km per charge and be capable of going from 0-100 km per hour in less than 6 seconds with Musk boasting that, “we don’t make slow cars at Tesla”.

On top of autopilot shipping as a standard feature, it will also come with Supercharging- the ability to charge the vehicles battery in minutes, instead of hours so long as you use one of the growing number of Tesla’s high speed charging stations that have already started popping up around Australia.

The Model 3 will be available in a range of colours and features an all glass roof, offering drivers and passengers a less obstructed view of their surroundings. Musk went on to say that the Model 3 will be spacious enough to hold a 7 foot surfboard and comfortably 5 occupants, including the driver.

The usual dials and gauges found on a regular car’s dashboard are nowhere to be found, instead Tesla decided on a completely digital display. A flat screen monitor serves as the vehicle’s speedometer and other instruments, along with GPS and other technologically advanced features.

The release date for the Model three is said to be sometime in the second half of 2017, however even with a wait of over a year, many fans around the world have already put down a one thousand dollar deposit to secure their Model three as soon as the they start shipping.

Within a week of taking reservations, Tesla motors has received more than 325,000 deposits, which corresponds to around $14 billion dollars, making it the largest one-week launch in the history of any product...ever. These huge numbers even left Elon Musk openly wondering how Tesla was even going to produce enough cars to meet the demand.

Furthermore, according to musk., public interest has been cultivated organically. The company had not paid for any endorsements, meaning that the largest launch ever, had practically no advertising.

According to Musk, Tesla Motors is preparing itself for the predicted rapid expansion next year is set to bring. By the end of 2017, the company will have doubled the number of its store fronts and the amount of powering stations around the world.

If the Model 3 launches successfully, it will not only mean a lot of money for Tesla, but a potential shift in the way the population of the world transports goods, travels and commutes. By breaking the strangle hold of fossils fuels over our vehicles, Tesla is, in its own way, trying to force sustainable energy and transportation through innovation and progress, something we think Nikola Tesla himself would be proud to be a part of.

Come to think of it, I wonder if we should add the Tesla cars to our list of The Wierdest Cars Ever Made.