Car Leasing

Get a new lease on life

With car leasing, you may be offered the option of buying the car out right with ownership of the car being transferred over to you on completion of the final payment, or trading it in for another vehicle to continuing leasing.

Why lease when you could just buy? I'm glad you asked:

  • You have fixed monthly repayments
  • The interest is fixed too
  • You can organise a residual (balloon payment) to reduce your monthly payments
  • Flexible loan terms (usually between 2-5 year)
  • All associated costs can be calculated in advance
  • If you lease the car for business use some of the costs are tax deductible
  • You can make payments in advance

Car Leasing is also sometimes called finance or business leasing and is generally best suited to people who use an off balance sheet accounting style. This is due to the fact that the car is not owned by you, or your business, and does not appear on your balance sheets which can be useful for tax purposes.

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